Site Speed Incorporated Into Google Algorithms

A lot of blogs around the net have been talking about Google incorporating site speed into their PageRank and search rank algorithms. Well, this is a good thing. Why is it a good thing? Users like fast sites, so naturally Google should like fast sites. How many times have you left a site because it took too long to load? Google is removing those from top of the search rankings to save searchers time and effort finding exactly what they need.

This is something that has actually been in effect for weeks. Google never mentioned it because they said that less than one (1) percent of websites have been affected so far. This is because site relevance still holds the most weight in importance to Google search rankings. Not only that, but site speed is only one of over two hundred (200) different algorithms running to decide a page’s search ranking and PageRank.

Wondering how fast your site is running? Check your site speed with this Firefox plug in or go to your Google Webmaster Tools and go to Labs and then Performance.

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