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Today I want to tell you about an awesome SEO Monitoring and automation rank tracking software I discovered. It’s called

If you’re trying to track and manage multiple web properties I know you’re spending hours doing something that should take just minutes.

That’s can help. They make it easy to track your entire network of sites – including blogs, static sites, and social media pages from one place – automatically!

With this software you can: Manage all your websites, blogs, and social media pages from one control panel – from anywhere in the world.

Track everything: Back links, Pages indexed, Social media pages, PR, competitors’ sites, articles, Alexa rankings and more.

You can even manage all your domains, and see which each site is hosted. If you have as much trouble tracking which site is hosted where as I do, you’ll love this feature.

So what exactly is
Master Site Manager is a web-based SEO monitoring software and domain management tool that lets professional SEOs doing client work, or individual webmasters easily track and manage their SEO statistics – for MULTIPLE web sites or properties from a single control panel. It’s truly amazing how they do this.

What type of user would find Master Site Manager most helpful?
Honestly, I think that professional SEOs will find MasterSiteManager invaluable because it allows them to quickly track all their clients’ sites at once.
But, if you are a professional affiliate marketer or an owner of multiple online stores, using MasterSiteManager will save you a ton of time too.

How does Master Site Manager work?
MasterSiteManager organizes all of your domains, web properties and keywords, and keyword phrases into an easy to use, secure online control panel where you can track, monitor and automatically compile statistical about your sites. It can even track your competitors search engine stats too!

MasterSiteManager SEO monitoring software consolidates all of the tools that professional SEO companies use every day to track and compile reports for their clients. But rather then having to bounce around to different programs or web sites, MasterSiteManager puts all that tracking information into one place.

This makes it drop dead simple for you to see “at a glance” exactly how your web properties are doing in the search engines – and why.

What SEO Statistics does MasterSiteManager track?

It automatically tracks your back links for Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It tracks total pages indexed, PR, Alexa rankings, all your keywords and keyword phrases, the IP addresses of each web property, where your site is hosted, your registrars, social media pages and properties, articles, and even your competitors’ rankings. It even monitors your web site uptime!

What makes this better then desktop based SEO ranking software?

Well for one, it offers me a lot of freedom because I don’t have to be stuck in front of my computer in order to use Master Site Manager. I can monitor my SEO stats from any computer (PC or Mac), or my cell phone! How cool is that?

I also find that Master Site Manager is faster then other desktop based SEO monitoring software because I can get the tracking stats for ALL my sites at once, rather then having to do a lookup for one web site or property one at a time.

It’s also noteworthy to point out that is that there is NO risk of having your IP address banned like you see with desktop software because the stat quires aren’t coming from my internet account.

You can choose how many URLs and keywords can you track at one time, depending on the package you select when you join. offers SEO Tracking packages that let you monitor, track and manage anywhere from 10 to 250 URL and up to 5000 simultaneously.

They offer an SEO Starter pack that lets you try the system for 30 days for just a buck! This package lets you monitor and track 10 URLs and up to 250 keywords

To see all their SEO monitoring account packages, click here.

If I join, am I locked into any sort of long term commitment or contract?

No not at all. Your membership payments are month-to-month and you can cancel any time. There are no contracts or early termination penalties.

How often are the stats updated?

All SEO stats are automatically updated once every seven days. This is because; usually sold changes in rankings often take a week or more. Of course, you can schedule an immediate stats update at anytime from your online control panel.

Plus, if your stats change (up or down) at any time you’ll get an instantaneous email letting you know that there has been a change in your rankings

They even monitor the web site uptime for each of your sites too. So if one of your sites ever goes down for some reason, they’ll send you an email for that too.

Is it easy to cancel my account if need to?
Yes, but I’m not sure why you’d want too ever cancel. It’s seriously that good.

Having said that, with Master Site Manager you pay as you go. There are no long term contracts, and you can cancel any time. You would just login to your pay pal account and cancel your membership at anytime.

The bottom line is that I’m really impressed with what they’ve done with this SEO monitoring and rank tracking system because it’s proven itself to me already. It saves me time and makes my life a lot easier

Try the system for $1.00 and you’ll see why I think this software is such a cool tool for SEO monitoring and more.

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