6 SEO Tactics For Amateurs And Pros

Make Sure Your Website Is Found

Here are six aspects of SEO that are not often discussed out in the open.  These tactics are good for those who either are amateurs wanting to learn SEO for their own website or pros who just need to make sure all their bases are covered.  These tips are also great for those who want to hire an SEO company, as these are tips you will need to make sure that the potential SEO company in question is doing.

1. Love SEO: If you’re doing SEO for your self or clients, you need to love what you do.  Without having a passion for SEO, it won’t go anywhere.  This is something that applies to anything and everything you do in life.

2. Be Nice: Trash talking other SEO’s is not the way to go.  If anything, it just makes you look ridiculous and immature.  Name calling and trash talking is for grade school.  No one will take you seriously if you act like a twelve year old. Treating people with respect is paramount.

3. Link To Others: Linking out to others for free is kind and useful.  Obviously this isn’t something you should focus time on, but if you know of something appropriate to link to, do it.  Small favors like that usually get returned, and when you’re doing a lot of small favors for a lot of people, suddenly you’ve got a lot of small favors coming back.

4. Write More: A lot of SEO has to do with the content, so being able to write is key.  Even if you’re writing little bits every day, the more you write, the better you get.  The better the content, the more Google loves it.

5. Set Up Mini Sites/Blogs: This goes with the above.  The more you’ve got out there, the more Google will see, the more tools you have to use.  Also, this will help you get better at writing, or at least give you motivation to.

6. Converse In Social Media: Getting involved in social media is very important now.  Jump into your niche, know who’s talking and what they’re talking about, and talk to them.  Get to know everyone, including the competition.  “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”  Facebook, twitter, and anything else you can come up with – It’s all important.

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